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"I am intrigued by the obsessive fascination with images, especially with the image of the "self".


Similarly to the W.J.T. Mitchell's rhetoric, I frequently personify images and give them a role of a subject that have their own desires, intentions and identity. I often refer to uncanniness and gender practices that employ manipulation with the self-representation, such as Crossdressing and Fetish.

Photography is a tool that enables me to enter often hermetic groups of people, approach and understand them better. I am utmost interested in people who are perceived as "different" from the rest of society or are somehow not fitted to the common, political and social structures."

Agata Wieczorek, born 1992 in Lodz, Poland, is studying for a Master’s Degree in Direction of Photography and TV Production Department in Lodz Film School. She has graduated with honours from the Strzemiński Art Academy, Graphics and Painting Department, Lodz. Agata combines film, photography, animation and installation and is interested in the idea of images beyond their narrative and depictive role, exploring fetish and uncanny subjects.

She is the 2nd Cycle of International Artistic and Curatorial Program, the Parallel Photography-Based Platform laureate in category New Artist and contributor for Lynx Contemporary Art Magazine.

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