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Some days (Tally)


Pastel, Ink on paper

43cm x 56cm

"Tally marks are a unary numeral system used for counting a current score of amounts dating back to the late Stone Age, 20,000 years before the development of writing. They are typically clustered in groups of five with the fifth mark drawn diagonally through all four, to increase legibility und clarity.

Some days I count the hours; I count the days."


Ja, manchen gefällt die Welt - und manchen bricht das Herz entzwei.


Collage, Ink, Pastel

130cm x 183cm

"On almost monochromatic, but in nuanced depths of black ink, I work with the methods of distortion. Fragments of texts from poems, novels, essays, newspaper articles or personal notes are taken out of their original context, their meanings changing through their changed context.


I imbed the handwritten elements of drawing into an abstract spatial stage like a confession in white chalk on a blackboard. I am not only working with the ideas, but also with the methods of cut and paste processes.

Paper is pasted together to form a swollen collage. Pictorial space of varying sizes and strengths create an open stage for disintegration and order.

The revered and the banal enter into a liaison and words become a landscape, using fragments from Herta Müller, Friederike Mayröcker, Elfriede Jelenik , Scardenelli, Rainald Goetz, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Gottfried Benn, Nadja Küchenmeister, Dante and Peter Handke."

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