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Angela Dwyer’s works on paper are existential fields for projection and memory.

The placement and composition of words are as important in her drawings as their meaning and history. Her artwork, both in text and drawing, mediates the space between language as image, and image as language.

She uses quotes and words taken out of their original contexts, playing with the methods and ideas of distortion and leaving the drawings open to interpretation and associations. In presenting words as pictorial elements, they are brought into the realm of drawing.


Today, handwriting itself suggests something intimate between the artist and the viewer; its directness and irregularity professing to be the emotional signature of the artist, far from offices and bureaucracy, impersonal fonts, emails and anonymous function.

Dwyer creates subliminal interactions between the sacred and the profane, the intellectual and the personal. 

Angela Dwyer was born in New Zealand in 1961. She studied Art Conservation and Fine Arts at the Otago School of Art and Painting at the School of Visual Arts in Gippsland, Australia. She started living and working in Germany in 1984 and has now had 24 Solo exhibitions and 34 group shows in Berlin and throughout Europe. In 2009/10 Angela Dwyer was Guest-Professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and in 2013 the Georg Kolbe Museum showed her installations in the Farbe Raum Farbe exhibition. She was Lecturer of Drawing and Painting, and developed an intensive course “Introduction to the Elements of Design” at the In.D. Institute of Design, Berlin.

Presently she is a part-time lecturer of Drawing at the Etage, Dept. of Theatre Design and Painting. In 2019 she will be the Artist in Residence at the Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand. 

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