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"In my practice I create performances, installations, texts and videos that invert, break or give new meaning to public and private spaces in a movement that drives change.

I am moved by two questions: when changing or creating different functions to a space, is it also possible to change the way we relate to that space? And ultimately, is it possible to change the way we relate to other people within the space? 

My research is currently deepening the use we make of physical, discursive and virtual spaces with a focus on language

I am interested in the impact that language has to influence the way we behave towards each other and in how to make an appropriation of certain speeches to subvert their main functions.

Anne Marie Sampaio (1989, BR) is a visual artist who makes site-specific works proposing a reflection about the uses and functions of different spaces. With her installations, performances, videos and texts, Anne Marie takes into account the particularities of each location where her works are activated, creating situations that shift the structural or conceptual functions of that specific site. By doing so, her works propose not only a change of perspective on the relation we maintain with space, but also with respect to the relation we preserve with each other due to sharing the same space. Anne Marie Sampaio holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts (UFPR, BR) with specialization in Modern and Contemporary Art History (EMBAP, BR) and a Master of Fine Arts (KASK, BE). She currently lives and works in Brussels, BE. 

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