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In his artistic practice Antti dissects and analyses the subtle under-tones of our contemporary culture and society.

His methods include remediation of physical phenomenon using electronics, installations, photography and sculpture.

In the last years his work focussed specifically on waveforms, understanding wave patterns as a physical force as well as investigating how these same patterns are manifested in social and political phenomenology. 

Antti Pussinen (1984,Finland) is a visual and a sound artist working on multiple mediums, varying from spatial installations to photograms to sculpture and everything in between. Pussinen's artistic work currently uses analog and digital electronic tools developed and built by himself, to recreate impressions of phenomena found in society, nature and the universe.  His works have been shown for example in Kiasma Contemporary Art museum of Helsinki, various other museums and galleries in Finland and Germany, and in Center for Architecture in New York. Antti Pussinen also holds workshops to teach other artists how to utilise and build the devises used in his previous artworks.

He Lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 2010.

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