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SUntitled (Mountain Gazzele) 300 DPI.jpg
SUntitled (Vulpes) 300 DPI.jpg

Untitled (mountain gazelle)


Archival pigment print


Untitled (vulpes)


Archival pigment print


A key element influencing the artist’s creative process is the concept of preservation, and the construction and accumulation of knowledge.

Both photographs were taken in a peripheral Nature Museum named The Beit Shturman Museum and Institute of Regional Knowledge in Ein Harod, Israel. The local stuffed animals were removed by the artist from the showcases to the museum's corridors, where they were photographed.

The preserving of an animal’s body for the purpose of display & study embodies the ultimate preservation object. By applying the most subtle – or otherwise the most brutal – action, Hinden’s refers to the structuring of knowledge and the network of power relationships concealed inside the museum’s scheme.

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