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"My photography, video and mixed media practice explore the relationship between art, narrative and memory.


They examine the past through the exposure of what was saved from it, in the acts of finding, extracting and documenting. A key element influencing my creative process is the concept of preservation, and the construction and accumulating of knowledge. The resulting works are acts of preservation in themselves, although not a directly referring to the original objects, but rather reinterpreting them through a dynamic process that involves historical and current elements.


The medium of photography, in particular, accommodates history within the present. It is not simply an artistic medium or means of documentation, but also a form of subjective remembrance, open to a variety of narratives and interpretations. I believe that unlike a document which seeks to affix, photography strives to resurface and re-examine, and it is what I aim to do in my practice."

Assaf Hinden (1988) Based in Tel Aviv, graduated with honors from The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem) and HFBK (The University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany). Shortly after graduating, Hinden participated in an artist residency in Spain, where he also presented his first solo exhibition Remodelling at the WTA gallery, Barcelona. In addition to a variety of group exhibitions and art fairs, Hinden recently presented a solo exhibition entitled Relative Humidity at Artspace TLV as well as partaking in a group exhibition at Madrid’s Art Week (Hybrid Art Fair), as part of the art collective – Idris.

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