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Car Scratch Channel I,II,III


Transparent chalk undercoat, oil glaze and cere stucco wax on canvas and grid fabric print

124cm x 148cm


124cm x 148cm

The work is based on phone pics of close details of cars in a Richard Prince exhibition, where he explicitly encouraged visitors to appropriate his work photographic. It is part of the„artVisit series“ - a project against the grain of history - an idiosyncratic and very personal journey through art history. The casual close-up shots dive into places, pictures, and sculptures and appropriate them for new forms of artistic expression.

The found material is changed, transformed and personalized. A combination of print and painting techniques brings forth structurally-oriented originals. Shapes and colors determine the quality of the images. The work refers to instable, chaotic conditions caused by violation or injuries - on the contrary the formal realization however is functional and ordered - conceptual and constructive.

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