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Le Citta' Invisibili, La MASCHERA.






Silkscreened cast glass, plaster/silica, iron, light

Le Città invisibili, is a documentary piece about Radio Nikosia in Barcelona, the first Spanish radio program that is designed and organized by people with a diagnosis of mental disorders. 
Through Vitari's work, the Institutions becomes an exemplary field of study that can simultaneously be the object of artistic analysis and expression. Aim of her practice is to shed light on the stories, symbolic and material constraints employed by society to organize itself in a “bio-political” manner, and resulting in forms of inclusion and exclusion.

True to the idea that art should bring light to the senses of all that remains hidden in the shadows, invisible, and make it comprehensible in its deepest dynamics, Vitari proposes an artistic “phenomenon of the invisible”.

The employment of materials and writings allows the artist to highlight the symbolic and physical margins

that separate inclusion and exclusion: the cubes and iron frames of the exhibitors become a metaphor of the chains imposed by “total institutions”. The glass takes the value of a lens through which one could observe more closely the marginalized human beings while producing a gelatinous distance that helps perceive social distance between the “normal “and” abnormal” and rupture culturally organized with the excluded.

Thus, the exhibit presents fragments of humanity (the faces), arising from the “cubes” as footprints of the individual stories of the people or that speak with the writing of the “exhibitors”, creating figurative fables (writings, words, portraits) with printed texts by authors such as Erving Goffman, Kafka, Foucault or epic or ancient writings as the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

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