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"My projects are based on a study of total institutions and institutionalized individuals evoking the confrontation between the story of the person and the institution within societal boundaries, as part and mirror of society itself.

Equally as cautious as the approach is the choice of materials and techniques with the main focus being on visualising and crystallising the stories. Light, glass, plaster are the major elements.

Portraits, notes and quotations are put onto see-through materials via screen printing. The individual layers are cast in sculptures and back-lit. Similar to a diary these documents offer a view of the individual narratives that seem fragile as well as fading."

Villa Heike

Claudia Virginia Vitari was born in Turin, Italy. She studied at Burg Giebichenstein, Hochschule fuer Kunst und Design (University for Art and Design), in Halle an der Saale, Germany, where she graduated in painting and graphics.

Vitari’s projects are based on a study of total institutions: a graphic documentation evoking a confrontation between single stories and the institution, as part and mirror of society itself. “PERCORSOGALERA” (2009) was realized inside Turin's penitentiary and “Le Città Invisibili” (2012) in Barcelona in collaboration with Radio Nikosia, the first Spanish radio organized by people who have been diagnosed with mental diseases. Both projects received a grant of Regione Piemonte. Vitari is now working in Berlin, investigating through her artistic documentation the current issue of migration in Europe (O-Platz, Interstitial Identities) . The artist is represented by Enter Art Foundation (Berlin) and Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea (Turin).

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