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My first film is called Colectivo. I wanted to make a traditional film about people stranded in a bus in the middle of nowhere.


I went to a small town in Argentina and asked volunteers to participate. More than 30 people came and soon my script became overshadowed by that absurd gathering in the isolated pampa.

We had to stay silent in that bus for hours waiting for the right light. That delay became the film. A different one from the one I was supposed to make. A nicer one. A sort of spontaneous performance we all felt part of.

After that I continued to invite people to collaborate in processes while documenting the experience.

I was in Detroit and I put an ad on craigslist to perform an Empathy Exercise. I wrote a story about a dictator involving a corrupt police man and a victim. People needed to choose one character of my story and film themselves empathizing with the chosen character while living a normal life in Detroit. We gathered around six hours of footage that became a video installation.

By working in a participative way, we all are constantly surprising and questioning each other. The process becomes a democratic and valuable experience.
We never know where the projects would take us, and this is exactly why I’m committed to this work. Because what starts as random gathering, becomes a very organic experience that often deals with much more entangled social issues that are only possible to discover while working together.

Daniela Delgado Viteri is a filmmaker born in Ecuador. She attended Universidad del Cine (Argentina) and Fresnoy Studio National des Arts (France). She currently lives and works in Quito, Ecuador.

Her films are the documentation of processes she often performs with groups of people in a participative way.

Her films have been shown in festivals such as Rotterdam Film Festival, Rencontres Internationals and CPH-DOX.

She has participated in residencies and exhibitions around the world. Including France, USA, Germany and Argentina.

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