One channel video

18 min

“I asked a man what the Law was. He answered that it was the guarantee of the exercise of possibility. That man was named Galli Mathias. I ate him.“

Oswaldo de Andrade, Cannibalistic Manifesto

SHORTCUTS is a serie of videos with imaginary interviews of people taking shortcuts in daily life.

One of the characters from these imaginary interviews says that he has the need to make a puppet human scale of our president, dance with it, and later burn it

in the ground (not before putting some good old explosives in its belly).

This character is what I would call a good walker. Being a good walker is all about taking good shortcuts. It is not easy to become a good walker these days. It takes a lot of intelligence and dopamine.

Taking shortcuts is a good strategy to prevent hegemony from eating you alive. Shortcuts are all about alternative forms of rebellion and resilience taken in everyday life such as refusing to die for your country