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"I understand reality as a social construction with which we interact thanks to the symbolization of its parts.

Art represents for me a way to question this reality, in first place as an individual.

Yet, if reality is a social construction, the necessary prosecution of my research expands into the outer world, shaping the second direction of my practice.

And if in my most intimist works, art is a way to pose a question to myself, in the same way my socially engaged projects at the best of their aspirations create the ground for a problematisation."

Villa Heike

Born and raised in Naples, currently living in Berlin, I studied Literature and Public Art as means of transmission of social and cultural questioning. 

My art practice focusses on the interpretation of reality as a socially shaped concept that interacts on a daily basis with our individual and collective choices. The fall of large ideology frameworks has created a fracture in the sense-making processes. Into this fracture art can grow as a mediator of an aesthetic hermeneutics of bare data, offering a paradigm for the embracement of the human experience as a whole.

My current research focusses on the intersections between collective memory and subjectivity.

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