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Participatory project

Realised and presented for the exhibition Function.Anomy organised at the Galerie-Rathaus Reinickendorf in Berlin, the project is focussed on the urban exploration of one of the Berlin districts that is being lastly touched by the recent housing emergency and the consequent building fever.

Cité Foch was built in the 50s as housing area for the employees of the French sector; the fall of the wall came with long-term political and administrative neglect.

The exhibition finds place in the town-hall responsible for City Foch district.

To this public, that includes not only common visitors and citizens but also administrative and political referents, the project proposes a ludic, non-utilitarian experience of urban space exploration through a series of guidelines.

The guidelines proposed are aimed to the creation of situations (making use of small objects provided in the envelope or approaching bystanders), to question the concept of mapping (using a distorted map, taking directions with no predefined destination), to narratively approach the space (creating stories about the surroundings), to attentively observe the space (with detail photographs).

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