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Doris Marten was born in Munich 1971. After the apprenticeship in an animation studio she studied fine arts at the Akademie dbK in Nuremberg and the UdK in Berlin from 1992-98. She has received numerous awards and scholarships including the Studienstifung des deutschen Volkes, the German Akademic Exchange Service and the Berlin Senate. 2002 she won the art-in-architecture competition of the governement of Upper Frankonia for a mural at the governement building in Bayreuth. Her works are increasingly represented in private and public collections. In 2018 one of her works was added to the Collection of the German Bundestag. 

"My paintings deal with perceptual phenomena. The selection of certain colours and their shading in different nuances creates an intense visual aura that can be perceived as vibrations by the viewer. 


The line as a structuring element plays a decisive role here. It gives direction and rhythm to the colour's dynamic power and provides support and orientation for the eye. The complete composition develops successively, each line works as a snapshot with reciprocal references to what already exists. 

The interaction of individual colour nuances as well as the rhythmically structuring repetition and variation of the individual elements create an intensity of observation that goes far beyond the visually perceptible. The vibrations in the painting echo in the observer's body and capture his entire being. 

I explore the phenomenon of colour effect in series of pictures, creating a reference system through  sequences, repetitions and variations which alert the viewer to the intensive colour effect and offers space for individual experiences of perception."

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