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"Throughout the last years, I have been experimenting with a vast amount of subjects, durations, medias and shapes. Some of them start unconsciously repeating in the results.

My work is a mixture of sense of humour, provocation and socio-political theory on

concepts, and hued gaudy images, both still and moving trying to bring this ideas together.

I move among ambiguous territories, somewhere between disciplines, challenging what is sculpture, what is installation, what is

music. The act of deconstructing the definitions of mediums and genre

serves as the basis for questioning more abstract ideas of how art is consumed."

Born in São Paulo - Brasil, son of a photographer and with many painters in the family, art was always present subject. My own work started to develop during my first job in a digital photography and special effects studio which led to the interest in studying digital arts in CAMPUS SENAC São Paulo and then as a work partner of Bruno Cals. The experience in the professional field of photography brought accurate technical and perception knowledge which can be seen on my work since the beginning. Differently then the first 5 years of artistic production, more focused on interactivity and digital installations (2009-2013), the latter 5 years were marked by increasing interest in independent film-making and experimenting again with sound and performances. This didn’t happen by chance. Learning how to live as a artist in Leipzig brought many challenges and changes of path into my production. Many times having harder access to fundings, Visas, or any other support, my work became more condensed, based on my life experiences and a new lifestyle and philosophy that would fit to the cities possibilities.

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