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Francesco Petruccelli is an italian artist based in Berlin.

After having worked for years as cameraman and graduated in Humanities in Milan, he moved to Berlin and started to paint and sculpt.

Since 2013 Francesco petruccelli has been exhibiting his works in Germany and abroad.

In 2017 he took part to the art residency of the Goethe Institut in Bangalore (India) and one year after he graduated in Fine Arts at the UdK and won the prize of the Helmut Thoma Stiftung.

"Vandalism and iconoclasm are paradoxical ways to find new meanings in artworks. I grew up in Italy, surrounded by innumerable architectures, sculptures and paintings – none of which was able to mirror actual social problems and urgent moral dilemmas.


It is important for me to demolish my artistic tradition in order to find a relationship between my past and my present, as the process of destruction can reveal hidden identities, connections with aspects of the soul that can only become visible by a laceration of the epidermis of individuality."

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