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29. March 2019

16. May 2019

Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf



20. June 2019

07. July 2019

Paduli, Italy

We understand public space as a representation of social identities and their functions, where the abstract concepts that rule daily life are enacted.


Intermission invites its artists to engage with two diametrically opposed public and social contexts: a local government building in Germany’s capital city and the historic centre of a small Italian town.

On one side we challenge artists to intervene in a space that is defined by its functionality as a public institution, to analyse its dynamics from the inside and to create new cultural connections and definitions, establishing a dialogue with people engaged in the business of bureaucracy, an unsuspecting audience unlike the typical exhibition-visiting crowd.

On the other side we propose an anomic space devoid of cultural meanings, the historical centre of Paduli is a ground zero for an artistic intervention that could define a new interpretation of human space and establish a new connection between various elements of the urban fabric.

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