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The rapport with nature and its wonderful phenomena are central to my creative works. These include installations in the landscape, in architectural spaces as well as free-standing objects.


Sometimes these may be autonomous creations, sometimes traces of processes, sometimes combining the scene of a performance with a sculpture. I utilise a great spectrum of creative mediums and approaches, mastering the handling of diverse materials.
Over the past twenty years I have dedicated myself to the Arctic. I picture myself wandering through the white landscape, through ice and snow, basing my work on sensory experiences.
My quest is a search of direction, experience and exploration of space in connection with time and transience, transparency, memory, protection and hostility. It is all about the relationship between human being and space.

Ilka Raupach was born in 1976 in Hennigsdorf, lives and works in Caputh, training as an ivory master carver in Michelstadt and four months study in inuit ivory carving in Uummannaq and Ilulissat commune, Greenland, Studies in Fine Art and Sculpture, Burg Giebichenstein, College of Fine Art in Halle and Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway, since 2009 Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture, Institute of Architecture-related Art. Ilka is thrilled by Nordic landscapes, the peculiarities of ice and snow and a specialist in dealing with these unusual, transient materials. Participation in numerous international projects and exhibitions: 2014 The Arctic Circle, Art and Science Expedition Svalbard, 2015 Artist in Residence, Acaia Institute, São Paulo, Brazil.

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