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Stardust (I, II, III, IV, V)


Snow on inkjet print


For this work, in a kind of experimental series, snow-flakes have been caught as long as it was necessary until there had been depicted a perfect star-shaped snow-crystal on a piece of paper coated with ink in a dark grey tone. A natural event is being documented and creates a graphic that combines micro and macrocosm.

The act of collecting those crystals resembles the tale of „Sterntaler“ because there are, in fact, perfectly shaped snow crystals falling from the sky. Furthermore, in their totality, they appear like a view towards the starry night-sky. In this serial of „snow-works“, the „perfectly shaped“, as well as the „imperfect, damaged“ products of nature become a creative element. It is a play with our perception and our methods of knowledge, as well as a poetic testimony of the weather-world with its truths and secrets, that surrounds us.

The minimalistic arrangement of inkjet-prints in A4-format is creating a reference to the everyday-life of the bureaucratic building of the Rathaus Reinickendorf with its administrative history and its everyday-materials. 

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