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"I devote myself to the phenomenon rain, snow and to water in general, as both are the starting points for me to reflect upon the existential conditions of our being.

Water as an element represents lifeʼs origin and with that, the provenance of human beings and the given physical parameters is brought to question. I am interested in the boundaries of science because there are borders of perception in the outside world that we are confronted with. For example in the fields of meteorology and astronomy as well as in quantum physics. Being confronted with climate-change and a nature that appears more and more threatening, the relationship of human beings to their surrounding and their integration into nature is part of the most important questions of our time. At the same time, the question of materiality of nature and weather-phenomena is getting into focus.

My works often describe such a process of distancing and rapprochement, the plunge into a faraway, secret, untouched area of the outside world as well as the inner depth of the human consciousness. My works are also an experimental balancing act between media sculpture, photography and drawing. In my series of meteorological symbols,The use of water, rain or raindrops as a „pencil of nature“ and the transfer of watermarks to new surroundings, questions the boundaries of media and, to that effect, the perception of the viewer being confronted with a magnificent revaluation of the everyday.

Jennifer Oellerich, who was born in the coastal city Cuxhaven in the north of Germany, studied at Tony Cragg and Florian Slotawa at the University for Arts in Berlin. She spent a semester at the Department for Oversea-studies in Israel as guest-student, where she also got a working-residency in the same year, later on further ones in Zarnitz and Fehmarn in Germany. Since then her works have been shown in many solo and groupshows, apart from Berlin in Hamburg, Hannover and Vienna, as well as in countries like Israel, Istanbul, Athens, Mexiko and New York. There have been publications about her work in Monopol magazine, at „Tagesspiegel“ and „TAZ“ , as well as radio-interviews at „Deutschlandradio“, „Flux-Fm“ and „Inforadio Berlin-Brandenburg“. 2018 she got a studio-scholarship by the BBK Berlin. Her works can be found in many collections in Germany and abroad. She is being represented by gallery „KWADRAT“.

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