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"There is a specific moment that I constantly experience – a strong feeling, which binds and moves me simultaneously.


My works harness that feeling, that moment, and act as a physical manifestation of it. They manifest themselves as installations or spatial sculptures. The sculptures evoke a physical experience through the manipulation of heights, lengths, relations and materiality that altogether bend, stretch, strain, tug and tear. These sensations are generated in the viewer, by combining static and flexible materials. One that bears tension, the other that is altered by it. A fragile system of tension, when held, creates a shape and becomes part of the sculpture.

The examination of my artistic process focusses within non-specificity, within the realm of language.

The quarrel here lies within the conditionally defining characteristic of words in response to perception. When words act as defining agents, the perceived image acts as a tool to contrast and falsify that definition. Categorization complicates the acceptance of the whole.

Arts role as a category-defining moment is what interests me most: To let the contradiction persist, to make it a „both-and“-experience."

How do we come to be the way we are, from where do our inner afflictions come and what does our social paradigm have to do with it? These questions have occupied me for a long time. Motivated by them, I began my studies in 2011 in the eld of art therapy (B.A., HKT Nürtingen 2011-2016) and moved on to studying in the eld of Sculpture in 2016 (UdK Berlin, by Prof. Karsten Konrad). Within these years, my works has been exhibited nationally and internationally. I remain fascinated by the perceptive and conceptive abilities of the arts, I remain driven by my desire to make use of this eld with the desire of answering my questions related to mechanisms of internalization and externalization.

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