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​"I understand the drawings of the series "Notations and Civilizations" as fictitious, improvised graphic scores. They do not follow a program or graphical scheme.

Though they can remind of graphic representations of sounds, noises or scores of new music, as well as of aerial photos or diagrams of cities and landscapes. They share the unrest, the rhythm, the structure and networks, the disruptions of our time.

The lines, or paths, can take any time a different direction, change their shape, take distance from each other, create alliances, develop new orders.

Everything is connected in some way or reacts to each other.


Development is never completed but always in progress."

Villa Heike

Jürgen Kellig was born in Berlin in 1953. In his youth he traveled the world and has worked since 1995 as a visual artist (painting and drawing). His works have been presented since 1999 in numerous group and solo exhibitions. He is a member of the BBK-Berlin and the Verein Berliner Künstler (VBK).

In 2017 he received the VBK Benninghaus Prize for his drawings.

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