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Three sound channels: loudspeakers and subwoofer, closed room and surrounding areas around the closed space, 20 min loop.

Void is a site-specific sound installation inside the Palazzo Ducale in Paduli. The closed room becomes a sculptural impenetrable architectonic object, a sonic cube. A tension between inside and outside spaces is created, sound overcomes all the architectonic barriers, but not our bodies. Visitors orbit around the installation through other rooms of the palazzo floating in a state of mystery, re-encountering the ghostly sounds of the installation in different areas. Architecture becomes part of the installation, a sonic vessel.
The room is used as a resonant body, an instrument, becoming a sounding sculpture.The composition emanates from closed doors creating a sense of mystery. Inspired by the ruined old center of Paduli, this space is not accessible like many of the ruins which are in a paradox state: open and broken, they are in decaying, corroding states and partly difficult to access. Taking of memory and future as not accessible places, which are in constant rearrangement connected to ideas of time as a cyclically changing matter, the sonic composition shifts between cycles of construction and destruction. Sounds where gained from recordings of found metallic objects in the ruins, which then became an abstracted composition. This was inspired by the sonic atmosphere of a construction site as well as the state of mystery which emanates when wandering through the ruins of Paduli.

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