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Acoustic Ruin (Bruchstücke)


Sound installation

The glass of a window barrier in the Rathaus Reinickendorf becomes vibrating matter. Transducers transmit sonic oscillations, sounding these surfaces. The glass barrier becomes an extension, the membranes of loudspeakers, radiating sound into both directions of the buildings delimitation: toward both the inside and outside. Sound overcomes the barrier of glass, suspending this border. Architectonic barriers are broken acoustically. This sonically broken space becomes a ruin, a new space emerges.


The deconstructed borderline becomes a mediator between institutional and urban space.

The architectonic body of a city separates institutional, public and private spaces. The design of the city is a mirror image of the social and political body of a society, a network of open and elitist spaces.


This installation questions the dynamics of places by pervading the anatomic shell of the Rathaus Reinickendorf with aesthetic means. With the reconfiguration of the physical world, social and political changes come along. Identities are formed from the tension between the destruction of the old and the construction of the new.

Societies, cities, and ideologies follow this principle.


Acoustic Ruin moves on these physical and metaphorical borders, configuring space in a new way. With this spatial composition, breaks and cracks in the architectonic body are made acoustically perceivable. 

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