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Katharina Bévand is a sound artist based in Berlin. In 2017 she received an honorary mention from the »bonn hoeren–sonotopia« contest of the Beethoven Foundation for Arts and Culture Bonn. She received support by the Ifa and the GOETHE Institutes. Her work has been shown internationally at the Madou Sugar Factory Art Triennial in Taiwan and the Space21 Festival in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq, in Berlin at the Dystopia Festival for Sound Art, the Pergamon Museum of Islamic Art and the the Sudhaus of the KINDL-Center for Contemporary Art in Berlin, among others. 

„Sound invades all – yes, sound invades architecture, spaces, rooms, houses; objects, materials, surfaces; cells, bodies, muscles, flesh; minds and thoughts, our spirits, our soul.

Sound invades our ears, our skin, our feelings, our emotions. The best is, it is a language not based on logic and words. That is why we can enjoy even a song of which we do not understand a word because it is not sung in our language. Sound evades and invades, it oscillates. It is always in-between, oscillating, pulsating, swinging, vibrating. Even a word is not only the sound itself but also the meaning attached. Language oscillates between sound and meaning. Sound is like a ghost: it passes through closed windows or doors sometimes. Sound is medication, changing your mood in a moment. Sound is a warning, a prediction, a state. It is reality and imagination. The borders of sound are hard to draw. Its shape can be hard or soft, wide or narrow. But sound has a body, becomes a body, changes to another body, conquers your body or rearranges your flesh and muscles. Sound infects you, reflects, inspects, asks, externalizes your inside. It connects you to space in a different way.“

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