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Intermission is a break in the art system.

We reject the way that the art market currently works. Our focus is upon the artist and the artist’s work, not the artist’s reputation or level of fame.


We offer an opportunity to establish a direct dialogue with the public through a combination of art-related events and an online gallery.

We provide the essential exposure that an artist needs without the distraction of commercial interest.


Intermission creates free space.

We create physical space, digital space, and – crucially – cultural space.

As artists ourselves, we understand the need for autonomy from mediators.


We support artists in establishing this independence, as well as encouraging the critical understanding of their work, while also offering enlightening exchange opportunities.

We use our network of critics, institutions, and project spaces to organise curated exhibitions, residencies, and art events that will place artists in direct contact with the public.



Intermission is revolutionary.

The current situation is widely known. The majority of artists are not represented by galleries. A 50% commission on sales faces the few who are.


The art market is ruled by mediators. Alone the artist is powerless.

Together we can institute the freedom to express ourselves and promote our work without the need for external, business-driven intermediation.

Intermission proposes an unprecedented commission scheme that is nothing like the one offered by galleries.

We create an alternative art space with our own market conditions.

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