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Marc Oosting is a Dutch artist based in Seoul and Amsterdam. After finishing the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam Marc was a resident at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul in 2015, ACC in Gwangju in 2016 and at the Institute for Provocation in Beijing in 2017. His work stems from questioning text as image, the context of production and the art-object, display and audience dynamic.

"I make sculptures, paintings, drawings, film and printed matter. If I have the opportunity I combine them to make an installation in case of an exhibition.


I frequently use text as image connected to a notion of time and space. It’s fascinating to me to position the reading of text in line with the act of looking at and experiencing image.

Topics I keep returning to are; otherness, production-reproduction, display, the art-object and audience dynamic, authenticity, identity and consumption and functional misunderstandings."

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