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HOSTAGE Episode 1


One channel video

6 min

Ori Jauch takes you hostage in his episodes about things he fears most. In dedicated single topics he addresses existential thoughts giving a soliloquy filled with anecdotes, questions and assumptions.

The partly as diary scripted texts are very honest depictions of his world and his challenge to improve.

The first episode focuses on time, as in lifetime, deadline and boredom.

Enjoying multiple morning coffees on the breakfast table his thoughts cycle around watching TV and preparing a chicken — and ends with cake.

[...]Recently a kid cycled pass me, pointed to his wrist indicating a not-existing watch and shouts your time is over. What was that? A thread? Was he an oracle predicting my future? Was he reading my mind, contemplating that I’ll turn 30 in 3 month and three days? Time is running.

This actually happend to me, no joke! At least it’s something. Not like the day when I watched Fellini’s Eight-and-a-Half on ketamin, six hours repeatedly - hypnotized in the ultimate dream of becoming ones movie, structured in rolling from A to B.

That was yesterday. Didn’t felt like six hours tho, felt more like lived a full movie tripple in vivid black’n’white. When you wake up you think, why can’t my life be more like in the movies? It would be damn short, but pretty perfect, right?


It is funny, when you turn 30 you’ve lived long enough to ask yourself: What are we going to do with all this future?

And this kid was right: time is over! It’s time to let go.

[Gets cake in the frame]

Happy Birthday to me!

[Blows out candles]

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