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"I have heard about people who fear glue strips; the sound of it, the texture but mainly of course the stickiness. Soft and clingy at once.


With a little tingle after leaving the skin, and a numb little film of remaining glue. I wish my art has the same effect on people.

I think the world is like a tape. In my work I try to process how contact with the world leaves its remains and how to overcome the trauma with it.

Right now, while I think of this text, a women next to me in the subway train is smacking her gum into my ears. I’m interested in how the world in which I find myself is conditioned.

I do this by using anecdotes, jokes or other forms of narratives which can be a simple gesture, too.

Ori Jauch (born 1988, Berlin) studied design at FH Hannover and Fine Arts at HBK Braunschweig in the classes of Dörte Eißfeldt and Michael Brynntrup where he graduated in 2016. Ori Jauch exhibited at Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Galerie für Fotografie in Hannover and was selected participant at Contemporary Art Ruhr in the segment talents . Ori Jauch works and lives in Berlin.

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