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SCHICHTEN (strati)

Stones, colour samples, ink on paper


Dimension variable


Just as with the stones of antique Batulum, used to build the mediaeval Paduli and which today comprise the very Ruins which are being plundered, people have always taken the building materials from old constructions to create new buildings that speak to their needs and purposes, if only temporarily for a hundred years, or for just as long as the exhibition lasts.


My work starts with looking at layers of materials like stone or paint and the idea of time contained therein. I collected bricks and flakes of house paint from the walls, window frames and doors in Paduli, and began playing with the colour nuances and developing my own palette of colour. 


I'm looking for art outside the art, being influenced by observations of my surroundings and the artistic quality I find in “Alltagswelten”.

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