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Sarah Wohler studied History and Art History at Freie Universität Berlin and Fine Arts in Sevilla, Greifswald and Berlin. In 2018 she graduated as Meisterschülerin in the class of Robert Lucander at Universität der Künste Berlin. In 2012 she was given the INSOMNALE award and in 2016 she travelled to Cuba, granted with a scholarship of DAAD/PROMOS. Her graduation project was supported by Baden-Württemberger in Berlin e.V.. She had various solo exhibitions such as Prosperity 71063, SCHAUFENSTER JUNGE KUNST, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen in 2017. She participated in international group shows, projects and art fairs.

"I observe everyday spaces.

My specific interest lies in the pragmatic and replaceable “Null-Architektur” so to be found in the architecture of discounter markets and industrial estates spreading all over the urban area.


Using architectural structures as a subject, which is examined for its formal aspects of colour and form. By spinning the factors of light and perspective the process is coming off the initial subject and is slowly loosing itself in a chain of reactions.

Making use of the distortion resulting by twisting the object through different medial an dimensional states in a theoretical endless spiral, this leads to ever new colours and shapes. Information is lost, new information is added. Similar to the principle of the children’s game “Stille Post”, the result is unpredictable."

SSW_SarahWohler_(c) Valentin Tritschler.


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