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Lost again / Found between

440x54x120 cm

Installation (Wood, Webbing, Screws)

Photobook (38 pages) 12x11cm


(Well, the deeply tragic thing is, the more you cramp to it the less you’re hold by the object.

Michael Balint)

Lost again / Found between‘ is a wooden construction, that reminds of a balance beam. At Rathaus Reinickendorf in Berlin it is placed longitudinally to a pillar in the area of the foyer. It is the third attempt to place an overlong beam in an exhibition space. Starting from a walkable object – shown at the Couloir Hamburg – that was blacking in the way of the visitor, the beam became an object itself in the second attempt: At the Kunsthaus Hamburg it was levitated with ropes and floated over the heads of the visitors.

At the third attempt the beam becomes an actor – now it seeks for support and cramps the pillar.

In the initial installation the beam was filmed by two live-cameras from the front and above. The viewer saw himself approaching and in the same time running away. In the twisted and assembled video image beam and corridor were extended into an endless realm and the direction of balancing seemed to be dissolved for the moment. Sequences of this video material appear in different variations in the later installations.

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