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Rathaus R.


Pencil on paper


By constructing the drawing Rathaus R. I made use of digital picture material from Google Maps Street View. Unlike a self made photo, behind the images of the online-service there is no single person who decided about perspective and subject. It is not about a personal view, but about the attempt of showing reality; it is functional. Public structures adequately respond to this. The subject withdraws back behind an organisation, a task. It is rarely apparent that a system, an infrastructure or an administration
is a grown idea construct - that any existing fact can be traced back to a loose idea, a decision made by humans. One assumes a necessity. It does not matter if it is the shape of a trash can or the form for the identity card, the method, the process behind it, seem to miss any humanity. Nobody remembers the answer to the reason that lies behind all these things.

The subjective origin has completely dissolved in systemic forms and guidelines that determine how the form or the trash bin have to be.
On Google Maps Street View one is made aware of the constructedness by encountering errors in the composition of the pictures. Half cars or broke-through street lamps.

My work understands reality as assertion and is itself the overthrow of it. The perspective reveals subjectivity, the structure is staggering.
Hatched areas resist the compulsion of the line. In their vitality they remind of the individual behind the order, behind the structure, and attack the statics of the office.


Which is actually a green area or a shadow that proliferates beyond the narrowing little walls.

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